Small Animal – Offers & Discounts

Small Animal - Offers & Discounts

Pet Health Care Plan – Save 30%

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3,000 pets have now joined our Health Care Plan.  Monthly payments, 30%+ savings, and peace of mind.

Free Kitten & Puppy Health Checks

Whether you are a new owner of a puppy or kitten or an experienced pet owner, our Vets, Nurses and Receptionists are here to provide support and practical advice.

Multi-pet Vaccination Discounts

Agria Pet Insurance

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Small Animal Pre-Payment Scheme

Spread the cost: Pay for your Pet's veterinary care in advance

You can pre-pay any amount from £25, either as a regular monthly amount or a one off payment.

By doing this you can build up a credit balance on your account, which will then be allocated automatically against the next veterinary care services or purchases we provide you with. You then simply pay the balance shown on your monthly statement, i.e.

Pre-payment (£25 pcm) credits to date £150
Veterinary costs incurred £250
Balance to be paid £100

Important: This is not a payment plan for fees already incurred or outstanding balances, or a defined savings scheme. Any outstanding balance must be settled within our normal terms of business.

How to set up monthly pre-payments:

You can set-up a Standing Order or use internet banking to set-up your pre-payments, or you can send us a cheque or use a credit or debit card.

Please ensure that you add your Hampden Veterinary Hospital Account number as reference on any standing order/bank transfer, or on the back of any cheque.

Please contact us for our bank details to be used and/or to obtain your Account Number if you don't know it.

Please call our Accounts on 01296 745 377