Equine Prices & Payments

Our Pricing Structure - Equine

The Practice has been able to provide the highest standard of care for over 80 years, including our own Out of Hours Emergency Service  and Equine Clinic by ensuring the Practice is run effectively and efficiently, giving our clients great value for money.

We spread our costs over both professional veterinary services and on the price of medicines we sell.  This way we provide very balanced and fair prices in what we charge to you.

Payment of Fees

Equine Invoices are sent out around the 15th of each month. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice.  Late payment has the effect of severely restricting the ability of the Practice to provide the high standard of care of the horses we treat and invest in further improvement. Late payments may be charged interest at Base Rate + 8%.

We reserve the right for the costs of services or items provided to be paid for in advance.

Payment can be made by Cheque (made payable to 'Hampden Veterinary Hospital'), Bank Transfer (Sort code: 40-51-62, Account No: 79167060, Reference: your Practice account number as stated on your invoice), or by Credit/Debit Card through our accounts office or any branch.

Where payments are not received the Practice unfortunately has no option but to suspend your account.  If payment is not made we then seek to reclaim debts through a debt collections agency and/or court action. Once suspended we are unable to treat your horse until payment is made and you may then be required to pay for subsequent services in advance.   If we seek payment through our debt collection agency or court action then significant additional administration, interest (at Base Rate + 8%) and collection costs are added to your account and the Practice would not be able to provide any further services to you again. As a condition of using our services, we reserve the right to inform other veterinary practices you have approached to use your current account status with the Practice.